9/11/2014 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

About the Course


At the completion of this session, attendees will have the knowledge to implement policies and procedures regarding safety, security and accidents. Student and Staff safety and security are the responsibility of school administration.  Is this role clearly defined, actively reviewed and practiced?  This webinar will focus on the frequency and management of drills for evacuation, shelter in place, intruder, and bad weather.  We will review the best practices of actively utilizing safety checklist for all locations and all areas of your charter sites.  How secure are your sites?  Do you actively test they system – purposely have someone attempt to breach your physical security?  The webinar will cover policies and procedures to assist in the creation of a safe physical environment. Even in the safest and most secure situations, incidents and accidents will still occur. Do you have an active incident and accident reporting system?  We will review the incident data and how to utilize the information to improve the safety of the school.


This course will be informative and helpful to the following groups of individuals

  • Business Officers
  • Board Members
  • Superintendents
  • Other parties interested in Charter School Operations


CSBOC Webinar: $90.00

CSBOC Information


90 minutes. 

Required for Certification?

Yes, this is a Required Course. 

TEA Information

All CSBOC Courses will meet the TEA, CPA and TASBO annual training requirements.

TEA Hours

1.5 hours (90 minutes) will be earned in this course. 

TEA Area

The hours will go toward Health and Safety.

CPA Credits

1.5 credits will be earned in this course. 

CPA Area

The hours will go toward Other.


Mowbray, Karen Safety

Karen founded Charter School Success to help other business offices with the “How to be Successful in a Texas Charter School Business Office".  Karen assists with how to maximize funding to support the academics and student needs through effective, efficient and compliant Charter School Business Offices. Charter School Success offers charter school consulting, training and back office accounting services.

Charter School Success began after Karen worked 8 years with Mosbacher Odyssey Academy in Galveston, TX. In those years, Odyssey faced many of the Texas Charter School challenges of money, facility and creating from scratch the “How To Book” on Texas Charter School Business Office.  Under Karen’s direction, Odyssey Academy went from owing TEA and the IRS over $250,000 and a negative fund balance to a transformed school with a positive fund balance of $3.5 million.  Odyssey was able to obtain a BBB- rating and completed a multi-million dollar bond issue, upgrading from a rented church school facility to an owned, newly renovated 73,000 sq. ft. facility.

Karen loves using her knowledge gained while working in the charter school industry and combining it with her 20+ years experience in corporate consulting to provide charter schools with the tools to become SUCCESSFUL!

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